The truth is, household electrical wiring doesn’t age as well as houses do and may need to be periodically checked and even overhauled. This is for reliability, cost and especially for safety reasons. Electrical rewiring in aging houses and buildings may seem far-fetched but after several years, you will come to regard it as fact. So you’ll need the best residential and commercial electricians from Windward Side Electric if you live in the Kaneohe, Kailua and Waimanalo areas to make sure your electrical wiring serves you well for another couple of decades. Windward Side Electric can also help you with emergency situations 24/7 as well as quick repairs when needed.

Electrical deterioration in aging homes is a fact especially when built using substandard materials. Insulation eventually becomes brittle due to changes in temperature and the elements and wires can get exposed resulting to tripping and short circuits. Critters can also chew through your wiring increasing danger to yourself and your home or establishment. Old houses and buildings also tend to have electrical circuits that don’t follow state and municipal code and are not equipped with proper grounding. Fires often result when these are not checked up on. Circuit breakers should now be in place instead of old fuse boxes, not just for regulation but for safety. Plus, electrical consumption is much different than what it was decades ago. Kids with their TV, computers and gaming consoles as well as adults with their timed video recorders. Old houses may not be able to fully handle the electrical demands of today. To change that, it’s necessary to hire licensed expert electricians and they are available in the Kaneohe, Kailua, and Waimanalo areas from Windward Side Electric.

electrical wiring by professionals before and after

The cost of re-wiring an old home or building depends on several factors. The size of the home, the age of the home and the updates that were installed or repaired over the years. Larger and older homes often have more outdated equipment like fuse boxes instead of breakers and may not have support for grounding. These often incur more costs to follow regulations. Another factor on cost is how the electrical wiring is installed, such as whether or not they’re piped in walls, over or under the flooring. Less is unfortunately more when it comes to accessibility.

Whatever the case, Windward Side Electric licensed electricians can help you with your electrical troubleshooting for  old home or building in the Kaneohe, Kailua, and Waimanalo areas. We’ll help you adapt to code and regulations, increase the safety of your home and building ad make it run more efficiently. We also provide services for indoor and outdoor lighting, customization and security. For more info, contact us at:

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