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Windward Side Electric Tips on Home Electrical Safety

Windward Side Electric Tips on Home Electrical Safety

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Electricity is a powerful force often taken for granted. We use it for lights, coffee makers, TV sets, computers, and phones. When the power goes out, we think of it as an inconvenience and even a simple nuisance and underestimating underlying electrical problems can be deadly. There are plenty of measures in place to ensure the safety of the general public, but being unaware or ignoring those measures is dangerous.

Windward Side Electric offers you the following three guidelines that you need to follow to keep safe as suggested by electricians

Faulty Outlets – Loose, open or exposed outlets are a serious safety issue. They need to be checked immediately by a licensed electrician especially when there are children around. After fixing, they also need to be childproofed. Also, consider installing outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GCFI) for additional safety.

Electrical Cords – Power cords and electrical wiring have rubber insulation for a reason. Exposed wiring exposes people and pets to electrical shock and can cause fires. Insulation can get damaged through continuous use and wear out over time. They’re also prone to pests, pets, and young kids. Electrical cords with exposed wiring need to be unplugged immediately and covered with electrical tape. They need to be replaced if they are detachable for good measure. Do not try to fix severed cords. Replace them or hire an electrician to fix them.

Electric Heat – electricity is a fire element. You know what happens when lightning strikes a tree. A high enough voltage that’s exposed can easily cause fires. Our everyday appliances themselves generate some heat that can be dangerous if not handled carefully. For instance, avoid charging your phone on top of your bed mattress or even under the covers. Do not charge your phone while sleeping. Do not cover appliances with a cloth while they’re plugged in. Do not cover your computer or appliance’s vents while in use.

Electrical safety is very important but thankfully not a problem to remember. Electrical safety also involves inspection of your electrical system and even your home appliances. For that, we at Windward Side Electric are ready to take your call.

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